Psycholoanalytic spellwork

A.K.A. fix your (relationship) shit. Everyone can change. More so everyone SHOULD change……


“How many of you own as self-help book?….You can’t help yourself, because your self sucks.” – Billy Bob Thorton, School for Scoundrels

Kind of has a point… Ya, I said it and I meant it.

You cant help yourself if you can only see from your point of view. You “suck” by your own admonition: you’re perusing a “self help book” , so obviously there is something in the proverbial mirror that you don’t like. Put more gently; you cant help yourself if you are going to continue  thinking the same way and buying a book to tell you how to behave differently is useless because everyone’s mindset and situations are unique. Besides, changing your mindset is something you alone can accomplish. No one can do it for you, hell, it’s not very likely that others can even help you. You have to want to. The relationship you want to improve has to be worth you working (hard) to be better.

If you fight with your spouse, argue with a parent or don’t get along with a colleague I’m sorry to say, but it’s not all their fault (whatever form the “they” may take). Now, I know first hand that there are irrational, even terrible people out there, but a fight takes (at least) two people, no matter how you slice it. So, now we, ourselves, have to take responsibility for at least part of the fight. Now that we have contracted some of the blame, how do we get out of our own heads? How to remove ourselves from the situation and see it from a different view?

The best approach I’ve found, is to flip it. Whatever emotion I feel apply the opposite to the other person. WTH does that mean?!

Example: I am divorced and now re-married, I have 2 children. My ex husband lied to me (often), my eldest lied to me, and one day out of the blue my fiance (now husband) lied to me as well. NEWS FLASH if three of the people closest to you lie to you, there is a common denominator. And guess what?! It ain’t them!!! So I am angry. What is the opposite….scared.  My family is scared to tell me the truth. Leading to part two of “fix my shit”: what am I doing wrong? I am unapproachable.

I think its a pretty safe assumption that 99% of people don’t enjoy fighting. No one I know wakes up and thinks ” I really want to fuck up someones day. What can I do to piss them off?” So giving whomever your “opponent” is the benefit of doubt, lets just assume the best of them, and that they are as apprehensive about a confrontation with you, as you are with them.

So far, we’ve covered the “psycho-analysis” pretty thoroughly i think. On to the “spellwork” part. You have to be the ‘bigger person’, especially when you don’t want to.


Spell: (noun) a spoken word or form of words held to have magical power. 2: a strong compelling influence or attraction.

Now all of the ‘extra magick folks’ are looking for their special instructions here, and I’m going to disappoint. Everything is a spell. Every time you write…its called “spelling” for a reason. I have just changed your entire mental network today, just because you read this (but this is a separate blog for a better day). So just try to do better with your influence and you will attract better.

In magick this would be the mental equivalent of a honey jar (a jar with sugar and/or honey, intended to sweeten the intended ‘target’) in the mundane world, its projecting your expectations and laying down rules of engagement (in other words ‘ do unto others, as you would have done unto you).

Taking my example, I have to lay aside my hurt and anger. Then analyze why. Why am I hurt? They don’t trust me. That is on me. Not them. I am not being worthy of their trust. What have I done in the past to lose their trust? (I fortunately, was in my car alone when i found ‘the lie’ ( a small purchase of little consequence)  and had plenty of time to process all of this.

My husband and I still fight occasionally, when we are both too tired to be the better person. When we are so wrapped up in our own stress, to understand one another. When we cant help ourselves, because our self’s suck.

But when we can, it makes our relationship a little better, a little stronger, and the good days a bit brighter.

…I guess really the moral is ‘get your head out of your ass’ but that didn’t sound very nice… 🙂

until next time




The Universe is a Sweater

Good Morning Starshine, the Earth Says Hello!

Apparently many of us, that do not follow any Abrahamic theology, have trouble reconciling the “within, vs without” segregation….

I was recently conversing (debating; bordering on lecturing actually) with my fiance, about his shift in beliefs and how it affects his magickal workings. He used to view all things as exterior. All extra beings (spirits, demons, angels etc) were viewed as their own entities. You call in the Demon, to learn, You ask the Angel for guidance. You draw a circle and call the God and Goddess to you. You consult with your ancestors, or ask your spirit guides for help.

Then eventually, that paradigm shifted, to viewing the entities as separate and a part of ones own psyche. Those entities are a part of you, AND can exist elsewhere. You recite the enn, to focus on that aspect of your mind, to call it forth. You call out words of power for the angels, to bring out the ‘light’ in yourself. You use the hebrew LBRP (lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram) to cleanse your house, by calling forth power within and without you.

As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.

We are one. We are the universe. We are the operator and the operator has all power. The operator is God.

My fiances perspective shifted again. To this. To realize that he is the universe experiencing itself.

With that, he came to question why magick is necessary. Why draw a circle to talk to yourself?  Why bother with any ritual, working, offering- if you already hold all the answers……..

why ask questions?!


I have a (somewhat pathetic) analogy for this. The Universe Is A Sweater.

Its entirety is cloth. Material. All made of the same thing (The universe). However, each piece is its own. A sleeve is a sleeve. The front is the front and the back the back. We are all the same, and yet we are pieces of a whole. We have continuity, all being made of the same thing, and with enough focus we know that. But- though the cuff and the hem are the same sweater, the cuff will never be the hem, nor the hem the cuff. They can communicate. If something moves the hem enough, it will effect the cuff.

We could understand the universe in its entirety with enough focus, looking inward. IE we would come to know that we are of the same cloth, and if we concentrate hard enough on the strands we could feel the entire network of weaving that is the sweater-that is us. OR as the sleeve, we could call forth the cuff, to communicate, so as to see whats what. IE we could summon the angel (the demon, the spirit, the entity) and short cut the communication, so as to not have to look so deeply into our own labyrinthine minds.

We are god. We are omnipotent. We KNOW.

But we can still make use of magick.

Until next time….



Broken Souls

I’ve come to find that most people are broken. In a relationship, that can pose a challenge….

In an ideal relationship, two people work together, grow together and improve as individuals, because they have each other. Anyone who’s ever been in a relationship, knows that this isn’t exactly how it feels, or how it goes on a day to day basis. Even the great relationships have days that are more than challenging.

Some days you have to put the other person before yourself. Sometimes more than “somedays”. Sometimes helping someone else mend themselves, means that you dont have time for you.

You need to be put on hold. Your “fix it’s”, your hopes, dreams…..sometimes thay have to wait.

It took me a long time to get my head around this process.

I am, naturally, a greedy person. I have trouble putting someone else before myself…. But eventually I realized the flip side of this coin….

If you pass a stranger in the street, they always seem like a whole person. The kind that has their shit together. No worries, everything is perfect (or at least good). You make friends with someone, and you start to learn that they have a few problems…..but they’re mostly doing ok. When you are intimate with someone- and not necessarily sexually, but they let you see their soul….and they’re a fucking train wreck!

That’s because it takes a lot of trust, a lot of faith to let someone else see that you’re hurting.

Its not easy to say, “This is me! And I’m broken!”.

I’ve come to realize that in a relationship, somebody letting you fix them, is pretty damn special! Someone drowning in life, and holding up their hand saying “save me”- trusting that at that moment, you are doing better….that’s a pretty magical thing…..

Whether thats worth putting yourself on hold for, is up to you.

The need for a human being to be fixed and having the faith in you to do it, might be the only thing worth giving yourself up for…..




Black and White

Anyone else here paint? color? draw?….Anyone do Reiki?….Anyone seen a rainbow?

Apparently a lot of my reality is based upon color, and the way those colors interact and what that means. Well true color is varying lengths of light vibration bouncing off of the eye. So what is white? what is black?

This all started with “the speed of light”. Well i have qualms about that. Light is vibration yes? The way in which we perceive light is the speed and length of vibrations. Therefore light interrupts everything else we attempt to process.

Ever noticed, when you’re at home watching a movie during the day, you turn the volume up, but at night you can usually hear it at a lower volume. Ever lay in the dark and hear the sounds of your house? Something you never notice in the daylight hours. Light waves interrupt the sound waves and we therefore have to focus harder, or have the volume up….

So the speed of light is inaccurate, because it is a vibration and can therefore be interrupted by other vibrations….maybe speed of darkness is more accurate?

Moving back to color now….and making this more magically relevant. Since im volatile by nature, and in my world opposites equals balance, ill be focusing on black anf white. (Now in saying that, I don’t mean like paint. Think rainbow, where white is all colors unified, and black is defined as the absence of…) In most energy working, a color is specified, and relevant to a feeling, body part/system or intention.  White is protective and or cleansing-positive-energizing. Black is grounding, it is quiet, it is void.

White and black are the same- they’re perfect energy. All other colors are a segment of the whole. Just a piece.

White and black are both the complete unity of all other colors. YES BOTH, because our eyes act as opposites to color wavelengths. (If you look at a black shirt, the shirt is actually every color, because all colors are absorbed by black. White is actually colorless, because it reflects all colors. With light, it takes all colors of the rainbow to make white, which are actually only seen when broken by  a prism.)

The only difference between white and black are the way they hold they’re energy. White is a “push”, while black is a “pull”. White is giving, it is full energy. It has the ability to recharge, and or add energy. Black is hungry. Its absorption, aka “a pull”, which is why its grounding.

We spend so much time separating things that are the same. White IS black…..

Hmmm… I don’t really know what my point is. Besides all of this division and ‘opposition’ is pointless…..when we divide ‘fields’ and “pick a path” we deny ourselves half of the spectrum.





My Problem With Banishing

Morning Any and All,

This is a diverse topic that is relevant to almost any path, as most of us do some form of summoning. Whether your paradigm is in the multiverse and dimensions, or you’re a demonolater, or a wiccan working with earth and elements. Whether you view your deities as internal aspects of yourself or you hold the view that deities are entirely separate from the operator (you); odds are you summon.

Many put a great amount of effort into summoning. Those who do high magic, have elaborate circles, incense, (sometimes) clothing, and even jewellery. Many of us put out offering. Some people engage in fasting and/or ritual baths. Some simply meditate. All of this to focus our intent and make our connection clearer and more precise. (We don’t want to f*ck up, with whatever were calling to us!)


My fiancé and I have an open policy. (Not like that you sickos) We summon, often, and we rarely banish. We allow anything that wishes, to stay. In fact we currently have about 4 ” house guests”. Well, this entire rant started with a revelation I had this morning; what if they’re stuck?!

The question applies to both our ‘open policy’ and banishing. You put minutes, hours, even days into calling something to you. You put many layers of measures in place to make sure that a path is built for your “guest” to arrive by. Then you tell them to get lost.

No path, no direction, just go away. When summoning, the destination is clearly marked, you have a vibrant circle that glows in the dark void, your beacon. ( If you view it as a division of your psyche you are putting in a lot of focus to access that very specific part of your inner self.)

Has the effort to find a path BACK ever been considered?

I view it as a tunnel, from their plane, their place, to our summoning circle. While we work with them, that tunnel diminishes-fades. When the time comes to part ways, they have to cling to that tether to find their way….

Obviously, they manage. But what kind of hosts are we?

Banishing is a forceful push, away. But away where? Maybe you’re forcing it away to your neighbor, 2 doors down….

The point being, that we don’t recreate that pathway back, not with the same clarity and accuracy. We are very specific when we call things to us, but we’re deeply discourteous in sending our friends home.

We could be more considerate. Spend a little more time on our farewell, and build an even better connection with those who help us.

….I have some house guests to speak with and maybe properly bid farewell…..




Ever hear the color green?

This thought came about through a meditation….ok maybe this thought came about from minor insanity, but the former sounds better!

Ever hear colors? Ever see sound? The idea that our senses are not accurate is not a new idea. The knowledge that both our (limited) senses and their interpreter (our brains) are more than a little flawed is generally accepted.

 If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then ‘real’ is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain. -Morpheus, The Matrix

I’ve had it happen before on a couple of occasions (several may have been enhanced occasions), but I could hear colors. Latest I heard the color green. Which I fully acknowledge sounds insane. But honestly, think about it. Color is various wavelengths translated by our eyes and then brains. What is sound? the exact same thing, only received in a different manner. If both are wavelengths, is it not possible that their frequencies may coincide? And if they do could we not indeed HEAR colors?

gives a fantastic explanation of just that. Colors can have a corresponding sound. So you could in fact hear a specific color. This also works in the reverse and I believe is very relevant for any and all, who do any type of ceremonial magick and or demonolatry.

Enns and words of power are very effective, and can often result in a physical/visual and or auditory manifestation. There’s a reason that in the LBRP (Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram) you extend the vowels in the angels names.

You are fusing the senses by using coinciding sound and sight frequencies.

photo credit of:

This unity of wavelengths has a physical effect on both yourself and your surroundings. Imagine if all our senses could be in tune and we could bring all the wavelengths of our surroundings to the same frequency…..      I plan to challenge myself, and encourage any and all to as well; by focused meditation on a chakra and its color, while chanting the corresponding sound. Maybe I’ll find out what red sounds like this time.

Hearing color does not make you insane… it makes you in tune.



Perspective on consequence

Life is perspective, and in this instance maybe I’m just trying to justify my f*ck up, but it merits conversation (or in this case monologue) at least.

So, back story- I often spend spare minutes testing myself. Attempting to manifest specific articles into my life, just to exercise my “connection/vibration/abilities (however you want to word that). Example: the half peeled orange. For those of you not in the loop, it was a challenge put about, to manifest an orange, half-peeled, into your life; whether it was on t.v., in person, a photo, etc. as long as you saw one.

So about 2 weeks ago, I had a long day of boredom while I attempted to put some order into my mundane life (aka cleaning the house). So I figured I would make the day more eventful. I have a bird feeder outside, but it’s seldom visited (I can only assume other people know of some secret bird-crack, of which I’m not aware).

Anyways, my plan was to manifest a bird. A black and white bird. Something akin to a nuthatch or woodpecker. I don’t know about anyone else, but I find being specific is very helpful in manifestation. So I “said” that I would see this bird, on the bird feeder within an hour. Now I did not plan to nor did I, sit and stare at the bird feeder for an hour. I went about my day and whenever I passed the window I would make a point of checking the feeder. Of course, within the hour there was a black and white woodpecker on the feeder (I say “of course” not out of vanity but because had it not happened, I naturally would not be typing this, just to admit to you that I failed). So mission accomplished.

Enter the title of todays rant “perspective on consequence”. Everyone whose ever been ‘formally’ told about manifestation, is warned TO BE SPECIFIC in case of unforeseen consequence. For example when manifesting money, if you are not specific, you may accidentally kill off a relative and get the inheritance. Goal achieved, but worth the consequence? (I suppose it depends on the relative)

So my consequence came about and hour or so later, when I went outside to shake out a rug. I step outside and lo and behold there’s a pile of beautiful little black and white feathers at my feet. A cat had gotten the bird.

Would the bird have been fine without my interference? Was I the cause of this poor creatures demise? Many of the lightworker crowd would (understandably and) likely spend days agonizing over the causality of this. Maybe it wouldn’t even be a thought others would entertain.

Enter perspective. Did I kill the bird-or- did I feed the cat? My point being is that an unforeseen consequence is just that UNFORSEEABLE. Maybe the cat was starving, and would have otherwise not eaten in days. I will never know. And much like the butterfly effect, all ends of our actions can never been seen. So if you choose to rake yourself over the coals, for a seemingly negative consequence, that’s on you! Maybe you fail to see how far that consequence reverberates through the universe. So go ahead. Feed the cat. Do what you need or want to do, and let the birds fall where they may!

And whether I’m on ‘team bird’ or ‘team cat’ is irrelevant, because regardless, I now have a nice collection of black and white feathers 🙂